Hi everyone, after straining my wrist (drawing hand), suffering through a touch of food poisoning and straining a muscle somewhere around my neck/back area (I stubbed my toe and accidentally poured boiling water, enough to make me shriek obscenities, over my other hand as well, the Gods of Luck haven’t been willing to grace me), I have officially eaten through my entire buffer of pages xD” So, I’m going to take 2 weeks off to be able to recreate that buffer and get back to updating comfortably 🙂 I’d push through it, but I’m not entirely recovered from my back yet and I’d rather not stress myself out!

To not make it feel as though I’ve fully disappeared, I’ll upload some stuff about the cast and their bloodline 🙂
Once I’m back on track I’ll be making another more advanced drawing of the characters as a thank you to all the new subscribers/followers! You guys rock and keep me going, thanks <333

For now, I shall do my best to recover…….