Bloodlines is an adventure story with hints of romance, mystery and fantasy! We’ll follow Sol and Cali when their lives are abruptly thrown off their mundane course and into a world filled with lies, battles and secrets they could have never imagined.

Note: Long running story (Bloodlines is a graphic novel based on the Zinc Chronicles books). Occasional strong language. Occasional mature themes.

Updates every Tuesday and Friday!

The people who make the comic

The comic is written and illustrated by Nastasia (“Nas”) Peters. 

Born: 14th February 1989, the Netherlands (Dutch dad, French mom) – moved to France at age 14, currently lives in the UK

Occupation: Graphic media reviewer by day, Illustrator the rest of the day, Writer at night

Random info: Semi-Insomniac – terrified of guns yet has no problem making her characters wield them (or get shot by them) – laughed manically just to try it once when telling her editor that she was changing the ending to Zinc again. It’s cool, the books are done now… NOW comes the comic!!

The comic is edited and proofread by Amber Godfrey.

Born: 7th of December 1984, Nevada, currently resides in Montana

Occupation: Full time supermom/wife, Editor, Writer, College student and works on the side

Random info: Is really good at imitating creepy fangirls – is more protective of Delph Riddle than the Nas – wears a lot of beanies – actually says ‘die, die, die!’ when playing fighting games – Had Christopher Paolini tell her her shirt was awesome.

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