Note that if you haven’t caught up with the comic, there might be spoilers in their descriptions!

Main Cast



Solenum “Sol”Everhart is one of the main characters in the Bloodlines Comic. Although she starts out shy and mute because of the traumatic event of having witnessed her parents’ murder, Sol starts to become her potty mouth, bubbly and energetic self when Cali becomes her best friend.

After losing Acacia to the same man that killed her parents, Sol loses it when Cali is taken away from her as well. Leaving the mundane behind, she runs out into the world of Zinc, hell-bent on finding her best friend. On the way though, she learns about the different people and politics, and meets a guy she finds particularly intriguing.

Age: 18. Race: Part Altor, Part Seer.






Calycanthus “Cali” Esquivel’s memory is the bane of his existence. He woke up in a medical looking room one day and a strange man told him he was going to live in a sanctuary. After a few days of travel, he ends up in the Jacoby’s boarding house, meeting Sol and trying hard not to let the lack of memory stop him from living his life. Considering the state of his mind, Cali adapts better than Sol does. He often questions if they are too dependent on each other, but negates the thought quickly, unable to envision his life without her. Upon their forced separation, Cali can’t do a whole lot to get back to his best friend, as he’s the one being guarded night and day by soldiers; who happen to have their very own set of personal problems. Not to mention, Cali’s suddenly got to deal with his sexual orientation.

Age: 18. Race: Part Altor, possibly part Seer as well. Cali’s background is a little fuzzy.



Galax Kaminski. Formerly: Galax Reinhardt, heir to the Regius throne.

Galax doesn’t have it easy. He was born to the King and Queen of the Regius/Blue Bloods and was then also born with the dot on his forehead that dictates he is the only one who can ascend the throne. But doesn’t want the throne after his parents were killed in a raid and he was taken to Pallium territory as a hostage. Over time though, Flux began treating him more like a son than a tool to be used to the war over in favour of the Palliums and Altors. He adopted Galax and taught him how to supress the cruel nature that comes with the Regius’ abilities. The unfortunate part is that Galax does grow up in an environment where the Regius aren’t well liked. And that’s an understatement. So, he begins to hate his own kind and in turn, hate the look of himself and what the dot represents. He tries to blend in with the Palliums as best he can, but hiding his physical traits is next to impossible. Seriously, he can’t even dye his hair.

It’s when Sol comes into his live that he starts to see a bit of light and begins to enjoy himself. Her constant saying that him being Regius doesn’t matter, definitely helps increase Galax’s confidence.

Age: 23. Race: Regius (also known as Blue Bloods).


Datura Lovelace is a particularly special creature. He’s the only one of his kind in Zinc and there can only ever be one Keeper of the Dead in Zinc at one time. Technically, he is Altor through and through, just with an extra set of abilities. He can hear, see and speak to ghosts and souls. Because Altor soldiers usually die of violent deaths in the war, a lot of souls can’t move on to peace and end up trapped in the Valley of Death with a whole lot of anger built up inside them. It’s Datura’s job to soothe the souls into a state where they relinquish that wrath and allow themselves to move on peacefully. To do this, he speaks an entirely different language, which sounds very melodic and almost sing song like. His accent is heavy when he speaks English and of course, the red eyes are specific to Keepers as well. Or “ruby” as Cali’s likes to put it.

There is very little known about the Keepers of the Dead, so Datura kind of learns what he can as he goes through live.

Age: 24-25ish – His age was guessed by Ilex and Caltha when they took Datura in when he was younger. As Datura never knew his parents, he never knew when he was born. Race: Altor. Rank: He refuses to graduate, so technically he’s only a trainee. Although he’s more than qualified to have graduated a few times over.




Lithium Village Cast


Acacia and Lupinus “Lupi” Jacoby
. Although Sol, Cali and the other lost kids simply know them as their guardians in the Lithium Village boarding house, they are in fact something entirely different. They met in the Altor Coliseum, where they trained to become soldiers and participate in the war against the Regius. Although it’s not been revealed yet what Acacia did to outrank the Elders. That action both gave her the highest position in the Elder court, but unfortunately it also got her and Lupinus sent away to the remote town of L.V. in order to hide away from the Regius.

Although she could have gone against the orders given to her, the Jacoby’s decided not to, realizing that the other Elders were right about the level of danger they found themselves to be at. This led them to masquerade as a young couple taking up a boarding house for kids that were either orphaned or abandoned. It’s recently been revealed by Galax to Sol that the boarding house is for Altors only and that there are many of these houses across Zinc, since the Regius like to kill these children before they even get the chance to find out whether they have the Soldier gene or not.

Age: Acacia – 38. Lupi – 37. Race: Altors. Rank: Acacia – Elder. Lupi – Tracker.


Delph Riddle
is the only other friend Sol and Cali really managed to make during their time in L.V. He’s a lost kid, just like Sol and Cali. Delph has abandonment issues after he was left on the Jacoby’s doorstep when he was only a baby. It’s presumed he was left there by one of his parents, but this is only speculation since nobody actually saw him being dropped off. He eventually gets fostered by his best friend’s family, but often still comes around to spend time with Cali, Sol, Acacia and Lupi, Especially since he loves the Ring Tournament and Sol and Cali are his teammates.

He grives the loss of Acacia as painfully as Sol and Cali do and although this won’t be shown in the comic for a while yet to come, he’s going to be really angry at them for taking off and leaving him behind.

Age: 18. Race: Part Civilian and Part Altor. Because Lupi and Acacia guided him into the normal life of L.V., it’s a sure thing that Delph will not need the Altor Trigger, and so won’t ever be able to become an Altor soldier. Delph has no idea about having Altor genes, nor does he know anything about the war.



Brass Farrow is the resident bully in L.V. Him and his band of friends used to pick a lot on Cali and Sol, regardless of the fact that Bras comes from the same Boarding House. His background is not well known, he never talks about it and there’s a high chance he never will. Not long before Acacia’s death, Brass tried to make things right with Cali, and by extension, Sol. Although not friends, byt the time Sol and Cali are gone, they are on relatively good terms.

Much like Delph, Brass won’t be seen in the Comic for a while. But he will be back…

Age: 20. Race: Civilian. He ended up in an Altor Boarding house since it was the only one in Lithium Village. Civilians don’t know about the war and what it entails being either Altor, Regius or Pallium. So Acacia and Lupinus took him in to keep up the façade that it simply is a boarding house for lost kids, rather than a war related one.




Meadows of Serenium Cast


Ilex Osgood
is one of the two main trainers in the Altor training house. The training house is the second phase into becoming an Altor Soldier.When an Altor is sent to become one, they first go to the Coliseum which is led by Iris Jansen. Then the trainess come to the house where they get further training from Ilex and Caltha before being sent back again to the Coliseum for the final phase before graduation.

Ilex was a perfect student back in his younger years and a perfect soldier after graduation. For him to land the role as a trainer at his age is rather impressive. Although he comes across a trifle stoic in most scenarios, he does care for his students and makes sure they get what they want out of the soldier experience. Although a gay man, Zinc isn’t all that fussed about sexual orientation. It can be difficult on occasion as there aren’t that many gay men and women around.

Age: 36. Race: Altor. Rank: Altor Trainer. Side note: He took Caltha’s name when they married, His previous family name was Letlo.




Caltha Osgood
is a decorated Altor soldier for having completed all the things he has in the war against the Regius. The way for other soldiers to spot this is by the sword Caltha wields. It is the sword given to the bravest soldiers and that soldier then hands it down to whomever they see fit to carry that title after retirement. His family is a known one in the Altor world, for its strength, courage and loyalty.

After completing a great deal of missions in a multitude of regions, he decided to top taking missions so they could take over the training house and fulfil Ilex’s dreams after he supported Caltha to complete all of his.

Age: 3.6. Race: Altor. Rank: Altor trainer.






Dandelion “Dandi” Jansen
is an Altor trainee soldier often underestimated due to her short and slight figure. Although she does struggle in hand to hand combat, her skills in ranged combat are incredible.

She is a bit of a bookworm and loves to learn new things, although you wouldn’t be able to tell, as her husband is more of a nerd than she is and outshines her in that title. Cali grows close to Dandi as he feels he can talk to her. Dandi perceives Cali almost like a little brother, someone she can talk to anything about as well as someone that needs a little extra protection and a shoulder to lean on.

She and Jatrop married not that long after they met. In the Altor world, a lifespan isn’t guaranteed to be a long on. In fact, more often than not you can be pretty certain you’ll die at a young age either in battle, raids or through assassination. So Altor soldiers tend to enjoy life for as long as they can and find that being able to wait, is a luxury they can’t afford. This doesn’t take away the fact that dandelion and Jatrop absolutely adore each other.

Age: 25. Race: Altor with a hint of Regius as she has a distant Regius cousin roaming Zinc somewhere on the opposite side of the war. Rank: Trainee.


Jatrop “Jaja” Jansen
is an Altor soldier but, like many in his family line, leans more to archiving and research rather than field work. Although he is excellent in combat, books and history are his preferred method of aiding in battle and raids. The Jansen family has always produced great archivers and researchers. Before Jatrop, his brother, Jan, was the one Altors wanted to go to when research was needed. Unlike many Altors, Jatrop has a pretty big family. Although Jan, his brother, has been missing for a while, his sister in law, Iris Jansen, runs the coliseum not far from the house Jaja lives in. He’s also got a niece, Anemone Jansen and his parents are alive and well, retiring away somewhere quiet.

Age: 25. Race: Altor. Rank: Trainee.

Jaja and Dandi are in their second phase. Soon they’ll be expected to return to the coliseum and finalize their training before being titled Altor soldiers.





Sand Mountains of Cobalt/Corium Desert Cast

Flux Kaminski – Pallium king. Flux is a loud mouthed, big and bold king to his people and is perceived as such by other races and cultures as well. The palliums never used to implicate themselves in the war as they were none violent people. That was until flux had had enough and demanded the blessing of the creatures of origin, so he and his people would be allowed to participate and help the Altors. Although most of his people found this to be controversial at first, and a tad scary, the palliums have grown into fine allies to the Altors and proof to be incredibly helpful. Being tech savvy and knowing of most secrets zinc contains, they give the Altors the little extra they need to then hopefully overthrow the Regius. Flux caused even more controversy when he adopted his hostage, Galax and allowed the boy to live exactly like his daughter and heir, Galaxi, does. Galaxi’s mother, and flux’s wife, Queen to the palliums, died not long after Galaxi’s birth. He’s never shown interest in remarrying and has never gone into a romantic relationship since. He loves his kids dearly and is the first to shout it out into the world to make sure they never forget.

Flux knows a great deal of secrets. Including Sol and Cali’s origins. He also holds a great number of truces and allies with random people, clans and the like to help benefit the lifestyle of his people.

Age: 50. Race: Pallium.


Galaxi Morrisey. Formerly: Kaminski. Galaxi is a very hands on heir, similar to her father in that sense. She refuses to sit on a throne all day and look at things from afar without getting her hands dirty. She does the same job her people are required to do and even sits at the front line when battle occurs. She is particularly good with bombs and loves that sol is interested in learning about it as well. Although normally she wouldn’t pay that much attention to sol’s presence in the garage, the effect sol has on her brother, in the good sense, makes Galaxi want to help sol in any way she can.

She is very protective of her little brother and would do anything to keep him happy and safe.

Conium has always been around, although Galaxi never really noticed him growing up. a few years ago, a Regius soldier managed to grab Galaxi with the intention of delivering her to the Regius in charge. Conium caught up with them though and saved Galaxi.

Age: 27. Race: Pallium.


Conium Morrisey is a pallium man of no great importance. He doesn’t come from a known family and his job before getting together with Galaxi wasn’t all that interesting either. He had a crush on Galaxi for as long as he could remember, but never though anything could happen as she was the heir and he was a nobody.

Saving Galaxi from the Regius was probably one of the million things he has done that he doesn’t fully think through. Although he’s glad for his unfiltered brain and lack of fear now as he’s really, reaaaallly, reaaaaallly proud of his wife and loves her to bits.

He gets along really well with the rest of the family, to the extent that Flux wants him to be as involved as Galaxi when she takes over the throne. Because Galax gets funny looks for his origin, conium always points out his odd origin to make the prince feel better.

Age: 29. Race: Part Pallium, part Altor.


Moe and Misha Briony are the twin bodyguards to Flux Kaminski. They are Altor soldiers assigned to this post about eighteen years ago. They are easily identified as Moe has scars covering the side of her face, whereas Misha doesn’t. They are quiet people, and barely get time off as Flux needs to be constantly guarded because of his title and the amount of threats that are put on his life. They get along well with the King and they have no issue putting his kids back in place when they think Flux is being to soft on them. They learned the Pallium Language the moment they were assigned this mission. Moe never talks about how she got the scar and Misha never explains why she’s always grumpy.

Age: 36. Race: Altor.




Coliseum Cast


Vervaine’s picture is seen in the Altor training house that belongs to Ilex and Caltha. She is mentioned by Lupinus as well as Acacia and by others on many other occasions. The thing that makes her so important is that she is one of the two remaining seers in zinc. Although she looks Regius because of her hair, and is part Regius, she sides with the Altors.

Even though she is not allowed to use her abilities. She’s the one that tipped off the elders about Sol and Cali possibly having Seer genes.  Although she tries to supress her powers, she can’t always stop it from happening. In that sense, she has a lot in common with Galax and Datura.

Age: 24. Race: Part Altor, Part Regius.


Other characters part of the coliseum, but have not yet been drawn into the comic:

Iris Jansen. Anemone Jansen. Ivy Neumann. Iso Ryder.

Other Cast


The narrator is a character that is meant to not make a whole lot of sense right at the moment. She essentially created the introduction to the comic and now occasionally pops up when she has something important to contribute.

She lives in a conservatory of sorts and speaks to a camera located in the big tree. Other than that, she doesn’t seem to do much else…

There is a slight hint at her being seer, but it’s not yet confirmed 😉

Age: ? Race: ?








The camera up in the narrator’s tree. There is a person behind that camera controlling it, but we don’t know if they are male or female. What their purpose is. What they want in live.  Nothing really, other than they talk to someone that may be important through a camera.

Age: ? Race: ? Gender: ?











Digitalis is a Regius assassin. The only thing we know about him is that he murdered Sol’s parents, as well as Acacia years later.

The Palliums call him the “ghost assassin”, as he comes and goes without really being seen.

His reputation precedes him. Most everyone is absolutely terrified of this guy.

Age: ? Race: Regius. Rank: Assassin.