Chapter 1 – Page 8 – “Lithium Village”.

Meet Lupinus, also known as Lupi. Acacia’s husband and second guardian to Sol and Cali 🙂

He can’t be impressed, he had to carry buckets up water two flights of stairs upwards to fill up his bath, and now he gets interrupted by the two kids and their shenanigans.

Tid bit info! Lithium Village (or LV), has rare plumbing. Mostly those a bit more wealthy in the town will have plumbing in their house, but you can count these on a handful as stuff needs to be imported from the bigger cities – whiiiich… is very very expensive and requires gold, which LV does not work with. So usually it’s people from the outside moving into LV (which happens once in a blue moon) that bring plumbing with them 😀

Just in case the boards in the kitchen aren’t that readable, here’s what they say;

1) The Chore/Notice board of Doom.

Holly: Take your muddy shoes off.

Delph: Stop with the smelly socks.

Sol: Brush your hair, or we’re cutting it off.

Cali: One more fire and you’re getting more than one shower a week.

2) Stop asking what’s for dinner, or it’ll be vegetable stew for the rest of the week. The green one.

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