Intro – “We’re in this together”. Page #2.

Page number two! If you go to the cast page, you’ll get to learn the names of the people featuring in the panels. The person writing in her journal is the elusive Narrator…

The lady featuring at the bottom right is bat shit crazy and really -insert any bad word of your choosing, preferably with ing at the end- nails.

I have never really tried my hand at comics before this project came to be. I have dabbled with short comics, one page comics and that kind of stuff as I was always interested in making one. Not until now that I dared just take the leap and tackle it! And I’m very glad I did.

The red stone the woman with the long braids is holding are called the Desert Jewels. Only Palliums know how to get a hold of these. They seek them out in Corium Desert, take them and turn them into jewelry that compares to nothing else in the world of Zinc.

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