Intro – “We’re in this together”. Page #3.

Panel 2 in this page was a bit of a bitch. The lovely, awesome people who have seen the pages from sketch to finish behind the scenes are all a bit at odds with their opinion. Some think the guy looks in pain, others think he just looks concentrated and then some see it as him obtaining the power he wants. I could have gone with the more cliche’d “Oooo yeaaah!! Absorbing allll the power – insert maniacal laugh- YES. YESS!” (think dragon ball z, or an evolving pokemon), but then the guy’s overly confident, know it all, smugface in the last panel kind of covers that.

What do you think? (I’m writing this as the comic hasn’t gone life yet, so for all I know, this question will never be pondered over. But we shall see! Launching the comic, and then we must spread the word like crazy wildfire!)

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