Intro – “We’re in this together”. Page #7. End of the Intro Chapter.

And Solenum comes into play! She’s not got the happiest memories…

This marks the end of the Intro chapter! We will be moving on to Lithium Village next where we’ll be introduced to the main characters and where the story will kick off. This is also where new pages will be uploaded on a bi-weekly schedule. I honestly wish I could update faster than that, but I also have a day job, an amazing boyfriend I love to spend time with and a crazy, superexcited, overly energetic Malamute dog; Sir Cloud-io McPantaloons (aka Cloud – yeah, we named our dog after the final fantasy character. If we get a second one, it’ll be a bitch called Tifa – That’s right!! No Aerith fans in this house!!). If we could have another male dog – it’s apparently not a good plan to have two male dogs in the same household, as they go into testosterone dickhead mode and keep bullying each other into submission. Whiiiich, actually, would be pretty accurate to the characters considering we’d have called it Sephiroth (Sephy for short). Just so we can sing the Sephiroth theme song every time we’d have to call it back to us. Seph-iii-roth tu ne tu ne tu ne tuuuuu… #endrant.

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