How long does each page take to make?

Usually between 8 and 10 hours.


Will the comic follow the books exactly as they are written?

Yes, as in, the story won’t change. And no, as in, it won’t depict every single scene written in the books. I’ve streamlined it to keep the story going at a faster pace. There are bits in the books that work great in a written format, but wouldn’t work comfortably in a comic format. Some dialogue has been moved around and slightly changed to fit the comic and some scenes will unfold differently from the books. So for people who have read the books and are reading the comic, it’ll be a new experience.


What is Nas doing for the comic and what does Amber do for the comic?

I do all of the writing and illustrating. Amber edits/proofreads the text on pages, making sure they flow correctly.


How come some of the gallery illustrations have characters looking different than they do in the comic?

The illustrations you see in the gallery are random drawings I made whilst I was writing the books. The really early ones have characters looking slightly different because I hadn’t yet fully decided what I wanted them to look like. I also re-worked the books’ drafts several times, so they changed in that process as well.


Are there any times in the year that you won’t upload/take a vacation?

I take the rare week or two off per year, usually one in the summer and then another in the winter. It’s likely I won’t upload during that time as I purposefully try to avoid anything computer related to get a good break from that as well.


What’s the difference between donating through Paypal and through Patreon?

Paypal is a one off donation (you can donate more often if you like, but there isn’t a subscription format behind it), if you feel like donating towards the comic, it would be that once and greatly appreciated, of course. Patreon is a way for Patrons to support the comic and myself through the process of creating, and in return, every month you will receive lots of extra stuff related to Bloodlines that only Patrons will have access too. The more you donate, the more rewards you receive every month!


Any questions? Email them to us ( and we’ll be sure to add them to the FAQ!