It’s not really one versus the other to be honest. Amber and I like to think of it as: Zinc Chronicles; Altors, Regius, Seers, The Keeper and Bloodlines. Although Bloodlines follows the story of altors, regius, seers and the keeper – because it’s so different, we thought it deserves its own spot in the Chronicles line up 🙂

The comic follows the books exactly the way I saw the story in my head whilst writing it. To make it more streamlined and comic friendly, dialogue and certain scenes have been tweaked. But basically, if you want spoilers, figure out what happens in the story before the pages have come out and feel like reading 331520 words – then the books are the way to go 😀

I always wanted to make a comic and I thought that the Zinc Chronicles would be a great base for it. Those who have read the books will hopefully be excited to see the story drawn. I’ll be able to show so much of the world through drawing that I couldn’t in the book because then we would have ended up with scenes describing every single little thing, which then would leave the reader confused about what the hell the main character was up to when they originally stepped in that room.

Those who haven’t read the books will hopefully get to enjoy the comics as they are, feel interested in reading the books perhaps. Either way, everything is awesome.

Here are the child to adult concept sketches of Calycanthus Esquivel! One of the main characters!